Kayaking on the river Emajõgi - how does the Tartu city look from the water?

Come kayaking on the river Emajõgi in Tartu!

We run our trips from spring to autumn, every day of the week when required. We use two-person kayaks which have storage space for small items.

The trips last up to three hours, during which we kayak up the river to Kvissentali and see how the Tartu city looks from the water. Instruction is given before we set off.

The price includes all equipment, the services of guide, a light snack and a bottle of water. Group size: 10-20 people.

Scheduled trips on the river Emajõgi: facebook.com/meieliigumematkad


Siim Ausmees
Phone: +372 503 2748
E-mail: matkad@meieliigume.ee